187 ReCap V-ternal Black

187 ReCap V-ternal Black

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Product Code: 187RCVT100

187 V-Ternal Recap

The toughest, longest-lasting recap available.

Made of a specially formulated composite material,V-Ternal™ replaceable caps are the ultimate in durability. For years V-Ternal™ has been the trusted choice of top skaters worldwide.

Perfect for outdoor warriors! V-Ternal caps are super thick and durable, have a wider design and will withstand rougher surfaces and slide slower than standard 187 recaps. They have a very rough finish, so they're not recommended for most indoor derby tracks, especially smooth coated cement, or painted or urethane coated wood or cement floors. They were meant for big vert skateboarders taking big falls in cement skate parks and pools. If you skate indoors, choose the white or black standard recaps. But if you practice outdoors in a park - especially a basketball court, asphalt or super rough unfinished concrete V-ternal recaps are for you.


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