Bonnie D.Stroir Agility Skills and Drills DVD

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Live Love Derby & Bonnie D.Stroir present:


Roller Derby Agility Skills and Drills


This DVD covers a range of skills and drills to suit any level of skater from Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Skaters.

An hour long DVD full of Techniques to help you step up your game.



Would you like to feel more comfortable skating around town, at the rink or on the track playing Roller Derby?

One secret to skating confidentely is Agility. Skating is not always about rolling, there can also be quite a bit of running, jumping, dodging and stumbling involved! Refining these skills can often result in injury prevention, by preparing your body to handle the sudden direction changes that may need to happen on a moments' notice.

With this DVD you'll learn tools and tricks used by skater/coach Bonnie D.Stroir to overcome fears associated with agility and turn them into strengths! Each sequence is deconstructed on every level, being broken down to expose the skills within drills, like: skate edges, weight placement, and head movement.

For beginners, Line and Cone Drills are explained and performed first in shoes, to aid the learning process and make even advanced skills like Hockey Stops and jumping 360 degrees feel more accessible. Next, they're demonstrated in skates, in intermediate for with Isabelle Ringer. Then Bonnie D.Stroir shows you the advanced form of the same drills she is currently using to step up her own level of agility! The DVD ends with some lessons Bonnie has learned about the learning process itself, having been involved in the sport of Roller Derby since October of 2003.

There is truly something for every level of skater/coach on this DVD.



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