Fresh Meat Package - Pretty Sure

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Pretty Sure - Derby Pack

Ready to hit the track? This all inclusive derby pack is everything you'll need!

RRP $584- Package Price $524 - SAVE $60



Riedell R3 Skate (fits narrow – regular feet); see the GT50 skate for a wider fit

-(3STAR) Entry (starter) level Derby skate or recreational skate. Most of our skaters start in this skate and then use this skate outdoors when they upgrade (after about 6-18months of beginning derby)
Expected Derby Time: 6-18months +

Sizes range from: US 1 - 13


Triple 8 - Park 2 Pack & Triple 8 -  Wrist Saver (Knee, Elbow & Wrist Guards)

-(3.5STAR) Entry/Mid level Derby rated. Great starter knee that some advanced players still use because they are slim. But most skaters upgrade after about 12 months to a thicker pad
Expected Derby Time: Knees 6-12 months, Elbows 12-18 months, Wrists 6-12 months


Triple 8 Multi Impact Skate Helmet

-(5STAR) rated for recreational and derby use. The most popular helmet worn by skaters to date.

Expected Derby use: 1-2 years (should be replaced if hit head when falling or every year)

          * Sizing - please refer to our size charts provided in links on the home page of our website

NOTE: expected times are in no way related to warranty


You will need to use a mouthguard to start derby!
-Boil n Bite – A tad bulky but a non-expensive way to get you started




-PowerDyne Y3 tool, the handiest tool in the tool kingdom! This tool adjusts toe stops, axle (wheel) nuts, and Kingpin (for truck adjustment) nuts 
(Currently Sold Out)


-Don’t bag your skates, Strap N’ Go! Skates shouldn’t be left in your skate bag as they will rust so use a skate noose to carry your skates. Makes them easy to carry and they can air out while you’re not skating

Mouth Guard Upgrade:

-SISU 1.6 – 50% more protective than the boil n bite but they are slim line so you can actually talk clearly while wearing it as well as drink with it in too!

       * please note that any additions to this package will need to be invoiced after your purchase 

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