Kwik Lube w/ Needle Applicator

Kwik Lube w/ Needle Applicator

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KwiK Bearing Oil is a low viscosity, high-performance bearing lubricant that is formulated to improve bearing performance and extend bearing life. The light texture reduces friction without being murky, eases acceleration, and enhances maximum speed. Reducing heat and friction will make your bearings last longer as you avoid heat damage, abrasions from contaminants, and friction. Bearing lube also fights moisture to reduce corrosion.

Use the precision micro needle applicator to add one drop of KwiK Oil to each bearing after cleaning or if your bearings have dried out.

Do my bearings need oil? Loud bearings are generally a sign that they have gone dry. The lack of oil makes the balls spin noisily, and allows particles to attach inside. The bearings may even free-spin faster than usual, but the free-spin betrays the fact that the bearings are taking on too much heat, and need lubrication to better handle the speed demands and heavy load-bearing of performance skating.

KwiK Oil bearing lube is compatible with all roller skate and skateboard bearings

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