Moxi Gummy Wheels 65mm 78a 4 Pack

  • $59.00

  • Wheels come in packs of 4
  • There are 4 wheels per skate - so buy 8 wheels per pair of skates.
These urethane outdoor wheels are gummy like their name and make riding anything from sidewalk to pavement smooth. Moxi Gummy Wheels are durable and come in three stylish colors. Pink, Lavender, Pink Frost, Black and Teal/Seafoam.

Mix and match your colours with these fabulously soft wheels.


Wheels do not come with Bearings in them. You will need 2 bearings per wheel, total of 16 bearings for 2 skates.

Be sure to order two packs for full set of skates. For a pair of skates you need 8 wheels (4 wheels per skate) :) 

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