Number Arm Bands Deluxe- Camo Purple

  • $32.00

Our Arm bands are made from a durable neoprene and are available in a range of colours and sizes.

They are a great alternative to the permanent marker which can be a nuisance to scrub off and to ensure your number is dark enough to cover tattoos. And not to mention sweat, ever tried using a permanent marker on sweaty arms? Doesn't work. Permanent marker also rubs off onto other player’s uniforms and theirs to yours, so spread the word... Everyone should be wearing Arm Bands!

Our arm bands are completely machine washable, however we recommend not putting them in the dryer.

These bands are sold as a pair. They come with a number Print only. If you want your derby name, league/team names printed on the arm bands please click here to see the other Arm Bands also available.


  • XSmall 25.0cm - 27.5cm
  • Small 27.5 cm - 30.0cm
  • Medium 30.0cm - 32.5cm
  • Large 35.0cm - 37.5cm
  • XLarge 37.5cm - 40.0cm

    If you're measurement is not listed here please put the measurement of your relaxed bicep in the 'arm measurement' box

    NOTE: NO these do not have velcro on them, they are sewn to size upon ordering. They still have stretch and are very comfortable to wear.

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