Radar Quickie Stickies 59mm 8Pack

Radar Quickie Stickies 59mm 8Pack

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Radar Quickie Stickies Wheels

59mm Tall x 43mm Wide Poly BD Wheel on urethane core

Derby Skaters challenged Radar to make a grippy wheel with lots of roll. They started creating a brand new core with less material than ever, making it light. They added their finest Poly-BD tire formula and shaped it shorter than normal. Result was a wheel with lots of roll and plenty of flex in the hub, allowing for smooth, grippy feel. New tiny core design allows way more urethane even on a smaller size wheel.

Available in 3 hardnesses

Black = 91a

Red = 93a

Green = 95a

Great for slippery tracks like smooth concrete, dirty sport court and other unpredictable surfaces.

Note: These wheels have stacks of flex so the graphics will wear off fairly quickly. This is not a manufacturer defect.

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