Riedell 595 Derby Biter Skates

Riedell 595 Derby Biter Skates

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Riedell 595 Boots:
Hand sorted full grain leather upper
Full grain leather lining
Reinforcement on outside quarter right boot
Snug tie
Stitched and cemented outsoles
Hand-made in U.S.A.

Powerdyne Reactor Plate:

The Reactor plate is made from ultra-lightweight extruded aluminum with high polished trucks featuring urethane cushions, click adjustment, and metal ball pivots. These plates are made to perform at the highest level of Jam Skating, Track Skating, or Artistic Skating. The Reactor accepts a toe plug or adjustable toe stop.

Kwik Abec 9 Bearings:
KwiK ABEC-9 bearings are constructed of quality chrome steel races and have been proven to deliver a smooth roll time after time. The 9 is part of the ABEC bearing rating system and determines how much “roll” the bearing has. The higher the number, the longer it will take your wheel to stop spinning after you stop pushing.

NEW Radar Tile Biters 62mm/92a

The Tile Biter from Radar was created for use on Sport Court tile and also performs very well on coated rink floors. An innovative Cavity Back™ hub is the lightest and stiffest on the market and makes the Tile Biter the lightest Derby wheel on the market.* They plow and hockey stop easier on tile surfaces than other wheels, and because they come in 3 hardnesses and 2 widths (a total of 6 different wheels), you can get the right amount of grip and maneuverability you're looking for.

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