Riedell R-Fit Footbeds - for all low cut boots & womens high top boots

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The R-Fit custom insoles made for Roller Skates. Riedell created this product to help improve alignment and athletic performance, alleviate pain from common fit issues, and provides comfort while reducing fatigue.

The R-Fit Footbed insoles offer support for a safer, more effective skating session. Designed to keep footbed from curling within the skate boot.
Metatarsal Pads aid in eliminating soreness, tingling and numbness in toes and ball of foot area
Heel Lifts decrease heel movement and slippage for additional stablization and technical correction
Heel Wedges help correct supination or pronation for added heel support and stability which means more consistent edge work and jumps
Adjustable Arch Supports increase comfort and stability in your skates. The kit includes flat, low and high arch supports. The guide included helps you to determine what your specific needs are.

Metatarsal pads 
Heel Lift Inserts
Pronation Heel Wedges
supination Heel Wedges
3 Adjustable Arch Supports- Flat, High, & Low

Skate boots sizes (in mens sizes- get close and then you can cut them to fit)

For the Riedell R-Fit Footbed Kit Information Booklet Click HERE

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