Smith Scabs Elite Red Elbow Pads

Smith Scabs Elite Red Elbow Pads

  • $99.00

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The Smith Scabs Elbow pads are high quality elbow pads with the same foam system that Smith uses in their popular Smith Scabs Knee pads. The padding in the Smith Scabs elbow pads contours around your elbow, creating a nice snug fit that keeps your elbows protected.

The Smith Scabs Elbow Pads feature:

Extended Protection -- The Smith Scabs also have a high density foam at the top and bottom of the elbow pads, above and below the hard shell, to extend the protection up and down your arm
Backing Material -- A solid neoprene backing material, with two velcro straps that secure the pads to your arms
Tough, durable, and comfortable

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