Triple 8 The Certified Helmet

Triple 8 The Certified Helmet

Loving the new Triple 8 The Certified Helmet! 

It is truly all the good things about the Triple 8 Soft Foam and the Certified Helmet rolled into one comfortable package. Personally the shape of my head never quite suited the Certified Helmet so i always stuck with the Soft Foam helmet because it sat deeper on my head. Between Roller Derby, Outdoor skating and Skating Ramps I always felt like I should be wearing a certified helmet but never felt comfortable in them. While I am not one to hit my head, and I have fallen a lot of times over the years, just never hit my head (just must be the way I fall) I am excited that I can now wear this certified helmet and be comfortable.

With this helmet my dreams have been answered, this helmet has the soft sweat saver liner fitted along side the harder EPS foam, it fits deep on my head, has good ventilation and I can feel a little more confident knowing that my helmet is certified for both bike and skate, it's multi impact too! 

Some of the important stuff:

  • Certification: It's dual certified! This helmet complies with U.S. CPSC Bike and ASTM Skate safety standards
  • Fitting: Comes with two different sized liners for a custom fit
  • Liners: They are removable so you can wash them
  • How it fits: Deep on your head, covers both the forehead and the back of the head. Super Comfortable! 

And then the super important stuff... Colours! 
I am loving the Mint colour however it doesn't really suit my red skates... (did someone say Christmas).

Colours available:

  • Black Gloss with a cyan blue liner
  • Black Rubber with grey liner
  • Blue Rubber (navy) with a grey liner
  • Carbon Rubber with a black liner
  • Mint Rubber with a navy liner
But wait, there's more! One colour which is all new, fancy and not really seen on the market yet... RAINBOW SPARKLE! This helmet comes in a gorgeous white gloss with a touch of rainbow pride, sporting a glittery stripe of rainbow goodness. There is so much to love! Click here to see a video of it

And as Triple 8 Team Rider Elliot Sloan says, "this is the first helmet on the market that is certified but fits like a soft foam so buy it!". Click to view

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