Outdoor Roller Skates

Quality Outdoor Roller Skates from the Best Brands

Roller Derby Heaven is your home for all kinds of inline roller blades and quad outdoor roller skates in Australia. We carry these skates for all ages and offer a variety of trusted brands, including Chaya, Moxi, Riedell, Rio Roller, and SureGrip. Whether it’s your first time buying roller skates or you have years of experience, you’ll find skates suited to your needs at Roller Derby Heaven.

Common Mistakes when Choosing Outdoor Quad Skates

There are a few regular errors that people can make when searching for quad skates:

  • You’ll want different wheels for indoor use vs outdoor use. Softer wheels are better suited for outdoor environments such as concrete and bitumen, this will help you get over the bumps and cracks on the surface. Harder wheels are great for park skating, while lots of skaters opt for a hybrid wheel for many indoor surfaces. 
  • When it comes to skates, there’s no such thing as a silly question. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and we respect passion and curiosity, so you’ll always be treated with respect. Get the benefit of our knowledge and experience to help you make informed decisions.
  • Don’t select quad skates if your primary aim is speed. We also carry inline skates better suited to high velocities, but it’s important to recognise that quad skates trade maximum speed potential for better grip and an easier time balancing. This comes in handy both for beginners learning to skate and those in competition where control is most important.

Getting the right kind of outdoor roller skates in Australia is the essential first step for an excellent time skating outside.

What Can You Find Besides Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels?

We carry many skating accessories beyond simply wheels:

  • Replacement parts and upgrades, such as axles, laces, toe guards, bearings, blister guards, footbeds, and cushions. Bring broken skates back to life or ensure that you have a comfortable time skating.
  • Protective gear such as helmets, knee and elbow pads, shin and mouth guards, or combo packs to get several pieces at a discounted rate. Safety is paramount to having a good time with outdoor skating, so protect yourself and keep skating.
  • Stylish apparel such as tees, shirts, and singlets. We also have damage shorts, armbands and socks. There’s nothing wrong with looking good while you have a great time, so explore our stock and find something that suits your style.

Why You Should Buy from Roller Derby Heaven

We make it simple to get the skates, accessories, and advice you need to have a great time skating both outdoors and indoors. While our name says, “Roller Derby Heaven”, you’ll find everything you need for inline street skating, recreational rink skating, and more.

Our staff derives their knowledge from personal skating experience, and they have firsthand familiarity with our skate brands and accessories.

Contact us to learn more or to get answers for questions about any of our products.