Roller Derby Bag

Conveniently Bring Your Gear Wherever You Go with a Roller Derby Bag

When you’re on the move, you need the help of a roller derby bag to carry your skates and accessories comfortably. There’s simply no way around it, as lugging a box or trying to bring everything manually is too much of a hassle. Each time you head to the rink then, set your skates and gear in a derby bag, and you’ll have easy transit.

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While you’re getting all you need to make it to practice before the bout, there are other accessories you’ll need.

  • Buy quality training attire that will hold up to the punishment and use you’ll dish out on the track. Made from sturdy materials, our skating apparel is nevertheless stylish and attractive. Stand out on all occasions with gear that’s as tough as you are.
  • Stock up on replacement parts, including axles, laces, and bearings. You never know when a simple collision or regular wear and tear will knock something out of place. If you break or lose any parts, having the right part ahead of time makes for an easy fix before you’re back in action.
  • Ensure that you have the right wheels for the occasion. For derby, you’ll generally want good indoor wheels to keep your skates moving with the perfect blend of speed and control. Bring an extra set with you as a backup in case you need a fresher set on the rink.

What You Can Expect from Roller Derby Heaven Regarding Our Roller Skate Bag in Australia

We make it easy for you to find the bag you’re looking for - here are several ways we help you out:

  • We carry a large, varied stock of roller skate bags. Depending on what accessories and spares you may bring with your skates, you’ll want a different size and shape bag.
  • Our staff all have extensive skating experience, and they’re happy to help you whether you’re a veteran or fresh meat. Let us know what you’re looking for and what you feel you need help with, whether it’s finding your first pair of skates or you’re looking for a sturdy bag to bring several pairs and a host of accessories.
  • Since your time is valuable, we move quickly to get you what you need. If you order online before noon, we’ll ship that same day. For those who can visit our brick and mortar location, you’ll be impressed with how quickly we can help you with skate repair service and to find what you seek.

Why Roller Derby Heaven Is Cost Effective

We’re not just a sales team. First and foremost, we’re skaters, just like you. We serve the skating community in Australia out of passion and love for the sport. Among our team, you’ll find veterans of roller derby, recreational skating, and inline skating like freestyle slalom. At the heart of our team is a desire to help other skaters get what they need to excel and have fun. Contact us with any questions, and we’ll help you find the perfect bag, skates, and accessories.