Protective Knee Pads

Skate knee pads from Roller Derby Heaven

If you need to buy roller derby knee pads, look no further than the quality selection available at Roller Derby Heaven. We supply you with an assortment of protective gear and required accessories to help you skate at lightning speed during your next event or enjoy fun, recreational activity.

Benefits of shopping with us

There are significant advantages to collaborating with our company for your skating needs some of which include:

  • Same day shipping: We understand that you want to start using your derby knee pads as soon as possible. Our team works quickly to ship out any orders that are placed before noon on a business day. Keep in mind that delivery times vary depending on your location.
  • Lay-by availability: Your budget is an important factor in your final decision for any item. To make your purchase easier to manage, we offer a lay-by option which allows you to make payments over six weeks with a deposit of just 10% of total price. When payments are complete, you can opt to pick up your order in our store, or we can mail it to you.
  • Merchandise for every member of the family: There is nothing better than lacing up a pair of skates and taking a spin outside with your loved ones. We offer items that come in a variety of sizes and are suitable for men, women and children. If you buy the wrong size, we are happy to complete an exchange.

The Importance of Roller Derby Knee Pads

Derby knee pads are a critical detail in this pastime. They are an essential piece of equipment for the following reasons:

  • Improved performance: Part of participating in roller derby is taking the risk that you are going to fall. When you have the peace of mind knowing that your knees are protected by the right kind of equipment, you push yourself more to skate more aggressively.
  • Protects against injury: In a highly physical sport like roller derby, getting hurt is a serious concern. The added cushion this item has prevents harm to the meniscus, patella and kneecap during competition. Damage to any of these areas is extremely painful and could put an end to your derby days.
  • Bring out your unique style: Gone are the days of the standard black pads. We offer a fantastic selection of skate knee pads in Australia that come in a variety of colours. Pick out a shade that you love or mix and match colours to wear proudly as a way to express yourself while you skate.

The Roller Derby Heaven team comprises a group of people who share a passion for this exciting sport. Our friendly customer service team is happy to address any questions you have regarding our inventory and provide you with knowledgeable suggestions.