About Us

From the beginning...

As a family business developed in 1990 by Karen Maertin, we have always been involved in the skate industry one way or another. Originally starting out on the foreshore of Manly in Sydney New South Wales we were known as Manly Inline Action specialising in Inline Skates, Skate Hire, Coaching and Street Skates. Bri Maertin, daughter of Karen and current Manager of the shop was brought up in the shop. Inevitably she was on skates at the age of 18months and they haven't left her feet, though she now has Roller Skates on her feet more often than her beloved Inlines.

From the shores of Manly to Parramatta, in 1995 Manly Inline Action opened a new arm Hockey Heaven & Action-Skate. We became not only Inline Skate Specialists but Ice Hockey Specialists and also ventured into the market of the ever popular Skate Boards and Scooters. A few years later we then moved to Seven Hills still known as the #1 Ice Hockey Retailer in the Sydney Area.

To follow the times in 2009, Bri decided now freshly out of school that she would take on the adventure of running the shop however with Roller Derby beginning to blossom in Newcastle the shop was moved yet again, to Morisset and became know as Roller Derby Heaven, however we would still trade under the old banners Hockey Heaven & Action-Skate as that side of the business would remain open.

In 2010 through much encouragement from Tootall along with the confiscation of her inlines Bri joined Roller Derby which would allow her to truly understand the sport and allow her to have a better view into what the players really needed and wanted. The internet played a huge role as dealing with distant customers was easier and has allowed Roller Derby Heaven to Grow and continue Growing!

Our involvement in the sport allows us to remain fresh but in direct contact with many of our customers here and far. Thus our shop now becoming the Largest Roller Derby Owned and Run Shop in Australia. Specialising in everything from the skates on your feet to the customised shirt on your back.

With involvement in such an amazing sport we could not help but sponsor some local leagues and extend our support to many leagues across Australia through general information, raffle donations and much needed support as a whole.

Our focus is to ensure we have Top Quality Gear, Reliable advice and Quick Service (most online orders sent same day as payment). We also ensure that we as a company show more support for the sport by attending a lot of Bouts (games) and conventions such as our local Newcastle Roller Derby League's Bouts and Rollercon Australia up in Caloundra.

We believe that anyone can be involved in Roller Derby no matter your age, gender or general background. Roller Derby focuses largely on being welcoming of all, there is room and a place for everyone. Our shop is run exactly the same.

So Roll into Roller Derby Heaven no matter your skating background!



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