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SISU GO… For when you don’t have to but should!!!

Exclusively designed to protect your front teeth and prevent unnecessary dental work when playing the sports where mouthguards are not compulsory but danger is ever present…

Don’t risk it!

With SISU Go you don’t even know it is there


Smaller in size and price, the all new SISU GO is a thin, flexible mouthguard made to be discreet and comfortable while protecting where most dental injuries happen. Equipped with Diffusix™ Technology, the perforations in SISU GO oscillate on impact and diffuse the forces to the scientifically designed crumple zones. The perforations also allow for natural flow of air and saliva, empowering athletes to talk, breathe and drink in sports where communication and hydration are key. A little dental protection goes a long way with SISU GO.


  • Shorter guard
  • Extreme comfort
  • Essential coverage for the minimalist
  • Ages 11+


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