Buy Roller Skate Wheels Australia

Buy Roller Skate Wheels in Australia that Match Your Requirements

When you purchasing roller skate wheels, be sure that you get a set that will help with your performance. As the most important part of the skate, it is essential that you understand the differences between our selection of replacement wheels. Our staff are experienced and knowledgeable in the various aspects of wheel design.

Common Mistakes People Make with Replacement Skate Wheels

To prevent purchasing replacement wheels that will hinder your skating, avoid these common mistakes:

  • Wheels that are too soft or hard: Be sure to consider the surface that you will be skating on and choose your wheels accordingly when you buy roller skate wheels in Australia. Hard wheels are ideal for indoor use on sticky floors. These types are also advantageous for the skilled skater as they have less grip on the floor and allow you to go faster. When skating outdoors, select a soft wheel that will give you more grip on the rough surface as well as soften the bumpy ride.
  • Wrong wheel weight: Your wheels will account for most of the weight of your skate so when you purchase heavy wheels be aware that although they offer you more traction, they will tire your legs quicker. These heavy wheels are ideal for beginners as they give you more stability. A lighter weight wheel will enable you to move easier and faster and are better suited to the experienced rider.
  • An inadequate core material for intended use: You can select from three differences hub materials including nylon, aluminium or hollow cores. Nylon hubs are traditionally light and less rigid, and tend to be slower which are ideal for beginner skaters because they give a slower overall ride as you get the hang of skating Aluminium hubs are strong and rigid to help the wheels roll longer which means less traction and are perfect for the advanced skater. Hollow cores are the in-between lighter option to give you acceleration yet have a slightly stiffer core for a long roll.

Our friendly staff will provide you with professional and advice to help you to buy roller skate wheels in Australia and then also assist you with setting up your skates for your skill level and intended use.

What Sets Roller Derby Heaven Apart Regarding Replacement Skate Wheels

We offer a personalised service to various skating enthusiasts which include:

  • Both indoor and outdoor wheels: We have a wide range of quality wheels of multiple sizes that will cater to different budgets. Our wheel selection also includes those that are suitable for indoor, outdoor and park or ramp skating.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff: Each of our staff have skating experience and actively test our various products. We offer you professional and knowledgeable advice.
  • Quick shipping: We have same day shipping on weekday orders placed before noon. As a result, you can get your products quickly. You can also easily exchange your skates for a different size to ensure you have a well-fitting skate.

We provide personalised and professional skate fitting services to suit your requirements.

Why is Roller Derby Heaven Cost Effective?

Our employees are experienced in skating and have tested our gear for performance. We recommend equipment that we stand by and will offer professional advice so to ensure you get the best equipment and skates that suit your ability and budget. Contact us today for the right set of skate wheels.