How to size up for recreational skates?

How to size up for recreational skates?


We understand at Roller Derby Heaven that sizing up for your skates can be a little daunting, but we are here to help! In this guide you will find some helpful tips to determine the perfect size of recreational skates for you! 


Step 1: Tracing your feet

You've been browsing online, you've done your research and your ready to purchase a pair of skates. The best way to determine what size you need is to get accurate length and width measurements of your feet - this means both! Most people don't realise that one foot can be a little longer than the other, we rarely notice this in shoes, so start by tracing both feet on a piece of paper.

Follow this helpful schematic to get traced and measured!


Step 2: Using Size Charts

Now that you've got your measurements, check with the skates sizing chart that you're after and find the corresponding size. If the sizing chart isn't provided with the skate, you can find lots of size charts for different brands at the bottom of our home page! It is important to bear in mind that every skate is designed a little differently, from derby skates, aerobic/artistic skates, sneaker-styled skates, adjustable skates for kids and inlines. Have a look at the frequently asked questions to help!

If you're having trouble using the size charts, feel free to give us a call in store and we can match your measurements with the skate. We have a massive range of skates in stock, so don't be shy!


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I'm buying skates for a child, how much room should I leave for growth?

When purchasing skates for kids there are a couple of things to consider. If there is lots of growing to do, you're best bet is go for an adjustable skate. There is a huge range of adjustable inline and roller skates for kids in the RDS and SFR range that accomodate for up to 4 sizes while they grow. Otherwise, we have a massive range of kids skates in a non-adjustable range too. When looking for a skate in this style, it is recommended to not leave any more than 2cm's of room at the end of the foot. To get longevity out your purchase, we recommend that you pop and extra insole inside the boot to keep the foot in place, and/or using an extra thick sock. 

2. I'm on the cusp of two sizes, what should I do?

This really depends on what skate you're after, and whether your prefer a little more space inside the boot or not. If you're deciding on skate that has a full leather upper, it has the ability to stretch. A firmer fit for a leather skate is much more advised so when the leather stretches over time it doesn't become too loose on your foot. If the skate you're after is made with a stiff vinyl upper, you may want a little more room inside the boot to allow for a thick sock. This will provide a lot more comfort, particularly while you break in your skates. If you're still not too sure, feel free to give us a call in store and we will happily help you with your size.

3. I have a wide foot, what skates suit me best?

If the ball of your foot is wider than 9.5cm you may need to go up a size to accomodate for this. Most aerobic/artistic style skates are designed narrow. To avoid discomfort and your feet rolling off the sides of the boot, you may either need to: jump up a size, or find a skate that's more appropriate for you. Some great examples of skates that are accomodating for slightly wider feet are: Rio Roller Signatures, Rio Roller Lumina, Rio Roller Mayhem, Chaya Jump 2.0, the Chaya Vintage Range and more.

4. How do I convert my shoe size to a skate size?

Again, every skate is designed a little differently. Since we carry a range of skates that come in US Mens, US Womens, Euro, and UK, it is important to take the time to make the conversion from your current shoe size to the appropriate sizing for each skate. Not all shoe sizing is a straight one for one swap, so the best way to get an accurate size conversion is to trace and measure your feet (see above). The size charts provided on the home page of our website are extremely helpful in making these conversions as well, although not every skate has one. If you come across a skate without a size chart, please give us a call in store and we will happily measure up the skate for you. Otherwise, the conversions for US Men and Women are relatively straight forward, but please bear in mind some brands such as Riedell, Suregrip and Moxi are designed in US Mens sizing, so women will need to go down a size to accomodate.


We hope this guide helps you to answer some of your size related questions. If there is anything we have missed, please feel free to let us know!

If you are still having trouble with your sizing, give us a call in store, shoot us an email or fill out our contact us form on our website. 

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