Wheel Info for New Maitland Members

Posted by Bri Maertin on

Welcome to the wonderful world of Derby! We understand that your new floor is really slippery and it can be a scary thing when you're trying to build your confidence on skates. So let's make sure you have some grippy wheels while you build your confidence on roller skates. 

We suggest a hybrid wheel which is an 84a hardness. This might not mean anything to you now but hopefully one day it will. Basically hybrid means that you can skate these wheels both indoors and outdoors. 

Our pics are:

Atom Poison Savant 59mm/ 84a - 5 Colours available
Click here to view Poisons
Atom Poison Savant Wheels
SureGrip Sugars
Click here to view White Sugars
Click here to view Orange Sugars
SureGrip Sugar white wheelsSuregrip sugar orange wheels

SureGrip Sweet & Low 
Click here to view Sweet & Low
Suregrip sweet and low wheels

Radar Villain Wheels
Click here to view Villains
Radar Villain WheelsJuice Jolt Wheels - ON SALE
Click here to view Jolts
Juice Jolt WheelsRadar Shadow Wheels - ON SALE
Click here to view Shadows
Radar Shadow Wheels

Radar Ghost Wheels - ON SALE
Click here to view Ghosts
Radar Ghost Wheels

Radar Phantom Wheels - ON SALE
Click here to view Phantoms
Radar Phantom Wheels

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