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Moxi Skates

Moxi skates are in mens US sizes, unless the model specifies otherwise. Our size charts are based off foot measurements leaving enough room for a sock, but bear in mind some models are slightly different based on their design and the type of fit required. Below you will find a guide to best size up for your next Moxi skate, however we recommend checking in with the team to ensure you have the best fit for you.
Roller Derby Heaven is an authorised Moxi dealer, our staff are all skaters with a wealth of experience fitting and skating in Moxi skates, giving you the best insight into the size and model that's right for you. 
We recommend using your foot length to help determine your Moxi size. Since the Moxi Lolly is a soft handmade suede leather, it has the ability to stretch and mold around your foot. A snug fit is best for this skate, but ensuring your toes are not crunched inside the toe box. If you're still having trouble with your sizing, feel free to call Roller Derby Heaven in store to help you, or send us a message in our chat function.
Moxi Skates Sizing Chart

Moxi Lolly 

Moxi Lolly Size Chart 

Beach Bunny | Panther | Rainbow Rider 

Beach Bunny, Panther & Rainbow Rider Size Chart


Sizing Up
We strongly recommend sending through your measurements to us so that we can help determine the most precise fit possible, especially if you can't come in to try on the skate. To do this, measure your foot by placing it on a piece of paper and while standing, trace around your foot with a pen or thin tipped marker. Then measure the outline at the longest part (this can be from the big toe to your heel or maybe even from one of your other toes to your heel).
We also recommend measuring both feet and using the largest measurement to pick the correct size. In most cases you can wear an extra pair of socks to make your foot bigger but it is a lot harder to make a boot bigger.
Tips For Measuring Your Feet 
  • Measure During Mid-Day - Feet can be different sizes at various times during the day 
  • Have A Friend Help - You will get more accurate measurements with help 
  • Stand Up When Measuring Length - Stand straight with equal weight on both feet and do not lean on or away from foot being measured 
  • Sit Down When Measuring Width - Sit straight with equal weight on both feet and do not lean on or away from foot being measured