SFR Kids Skates


Looking at getting some SFR skates for the kidlet, but you're having trouble with sizing? Look no further, we have done the hard work and measured all the different size ranges for you! All you need to do is get an estimate length of your childs foot an refer to the appropriate size range.
We have provided the sizing for our more popular skates, but if you can't find the skate you're looking for from the SFR range, use the corresponsing size range from these charts to help determine the size you need.
Please bear in mind, to get longevity out of your skate purchase it's important to leave plenty of room for your kid to grow into. As a rule of thumb we suggest that you leave up to 2cm of room at the end of the toes, no more than that.
We're still looking for a comfortable fit, with lots of growing room. You can always pop an extra insole and/or thick sock in the skate to make up for the room and remove some of the layers as he/she grows.