Atom Bionic Super Stoppers Pair

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High Performance Roller Derby Toe Stop

Bionic Super Stoppers are fast becoming a popular choice to meet the demands of roller derby. Harder than the leading competitor toe stop, the Bionic Super Stopper will not wear down as fast, but the large footprint (45mm) is extra grippy to bite tight on all skating surfaces. A pre-cut wedge shape also makes it ready-to-use right out of the box, with no break-in wear-down period. The Bionic Super Stoppers maximize the grip, agility, and stability that you'll need with the fast footwork required in today's roller derby gameplay. Whether you're a quick-footed jammer or hard-hitting blocker who needs that extra push off the ground, the Bionic Super Stopper provides excellent grip and performance. 5/8 Stem width, Fits most skates. 

Standard (30mm) Stem length
Short (20mm) Stem length

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