Chaya Jellys Cushions 12mm Conical/Barrel 8pk

  • $24.95

Perfect for the Chaya Shiva and Chaya Ophira Plates!  These cushions or bushings are inter-locking, so they entirely encompass the kingpin, keeping it protected and maximizing the life of your plates.

Cushions are the easiest and least expensive way to change the your skating performance by adjusting the pressure required to make them respond laterally The higher the number, the harder the cushion will be. That means more resistance for heavy or stronger skaters. The lower the number, the softer the cushion. This means more agile movements, but slower skating.

12mm barrel, 12mm cone, sold as 8 Pack (4 x cone 4 x barrel)

80A Pink - PS610016
85A Red - PS610017
90A Orange - PS610018
95A Yellow - PS610019

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