Graf Anatomical Footbed

Graf Anatomical Footbed

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Graf footbeds are designed to accommodate the three dimensions of fit: heel width, backstay shape and heel depth. Additional factors including plate position, boot squareness and the upper shape also contribute to a perfectly fitted boot. We believe the insole maintains the right amount of flexibility for the foot. Footbeds are like mattresses : too soft and you move too much / too stiff and you block the foot. We believe in guiding the foot to provide structure but not blocking. We think active not static. Your small muscles are important in active sports, they provide balance and mobility, and without them we rely on our large muscles to perform these functions which can result in injury, tiredness and lack of performance.

  • Adapted to the needs of the athlete
  • Customized to the foot - highly versatile arch flex, thermo-adaptable, custom systems
  • Specific to the active sports - designed for the unique requirements of roller derby, hockey, golf, running, skiing
  • Synergized with the footwear - integrative progressive fit, multi thickness
  • Made of the best materials, in the right place
  • Anatomical Footbed

Choosing the correct size:

  • Measure the innersole of the skate you are intending on putting the new innersole in
  • Use the measurements available in the Size option to match the two measurements. If there is not an exact match then choose the measurement slightly larger as you can cut these down if needed, but you don't want anything smaller
  • If you do not have a skate yet then place your foot on a piece of paper and trace around your foot. Place a ruler on the tracing and measure at the longest part. Measure both feet this way and use the larger foot's measurement. Choose the footbed that is approx half/ 0.5cm larger than your foot. This will ensure you have enough footbed to fill the boot and you can cut it down if needed.

How to cut the footbed:

  • Use scissors cut the foam part at the toe end of the footbed
  • Do this gradually as you are better having to cut a little more off a couple of times over than cutting too much off at once
  • You can use your original footbed as a guide and either cut around its egde or trace where it ends against the new footbed and cut along the line.



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