Teflon Tape

Teflon Tape

  • $15.00

Teflon Tape is used by skaters on their pads to prevent their pads scratching the floors of the venues they train at. Some venues require pads to be covered and for others it is a personal preference.

Unlike Adhesive felt Teflon Tape allows you to slide when you fall where Adhesive felt can grab which can make falling hard and at times dangerous.

Width: 15cm
Length: 50cm
Estimated coverage: 2x Large knee caps, 2x Large elbow caps, 2 x Wrist Splints (not all venues require it but just in case)

How the Tape is posted: The tape has a backing on it so you just cut what you need off and store the rest. We roll it up when we send it to prevent it from getting damaged.

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